Lease Return Center

I didn’t lease from Cadillac. Can I return my leased vehicle anywhere?

Cadillac accepts any GM leased vehicle. You may not have leased from us but our team is here to help you make the next step, which ever is best for you. Call us at (215) 664-8430 to get started. I want to buy my vehicle.

I want to buy my vehicle. How do I get my purchase price?

You have the option to buy your leased vehicle at any time. To get your purchase option price, give our Sales team a call at (215) 664-8430. They will work with you to get your purchase price and walk you through the steps to buy your vehicle.

I have not had my vehicle inspected yet. Can I still return it?

We recommend having your vehicle pre-inspected, so you have an opportunity to remedy any concerns, but it is not required prior to returning your vehicle to Cadillac.

What is the “check-in” process?

The lease “check-in” process is an easy and convenient way to return your leased vehicle. You will receive and sign a Vehicle Check-In Receipt and Odometer Statement to confirm you returned your vehicle. It will be the record of the mileage at the time of the return and is required by federal, and some state law, when the vehicle ownership changes.



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